Why are ILs a Hot Topic ?

2019-02-25 09:35:27 adman 8

™The materials are unique (properties and variety) –Tunability –Negligible vapor pressure –Good thermal stability –Wide liquid range –Electrolytic conductivity ™The prospects for ILs applications are vast –Possibility to establish environmentally benign chemical processing ƒ20 million ton VOCs discharged into atmosphere per year ƒ2/3 of all industrial emission and 1/3 of VOCs emission nationwide from traditional solvents ƒGlobal climate change, poor urban air quality, and human illness –Potential to revolutionize the way how solvents are utilized ƒNew extraction, catalysis, separations , and polymer processes ƒNew chemical synthesis ƒEnhancement of existing processes –Opportunities to develop task-target performance chemicals ƒEngineering fluids for machinery and equipment ƒNew materials in the automotive, textile, construction, oil and gas, and energy industries