Monils Chemical Engineering Science & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is located in the Industrial Park of East China University of Science and Technology . 

1547636359289720.jpgMonils is dedicated to the production, marketing and research of low-temperature molten salts and ionic liquids (ILs). There is a factory in Nantong near to Shanghai. But the marketing and business center is located in Pudong, Shanghai. 

The main R&D personnels of Monils are masters, doctors and senior technicians as well as engineers in related professional and technical fields. They have solid theoretical basis, practical and analytical ability.

Now, many kinds of ionic liquids have been produced and sold. Some of them are in the stage of tonage production. Fully independent R&D of water-phase and semi-aqueous-phase ionic liquids preparation and production technologies are used, some of which can lead zero discharge.