Antistatic effects of ionic liquids for polyether-based polyurethanes

2019-03-11 21:05:02 adman 9

Mobility of component anions of ionic liquids (ILs) was found to be a most effective factor to enhance antistatic properties of polyether-based polyurethanes (PUs). Then, the antistatic effects were discussed with Kamlet-Taft parameters (hydrogen bond acidity: α and basicity: β) of the added ILs. A strong correlation was found between β value and surface resistivity (Rs) of the PUs containing the ILs. On the contrary, α value was found to have a weak influence on the Rs. Since there was a weaker interaction between polyether chains and anions than cations, antistatic effects of the ILs were weaken by fixing the component anions into the PUs. This strongly suggests that effective antistatic effects are supported by the anion migration of ILs.